Abu al-Fida’

Born on 1273

Died on 1331

Abu al-Fida;

(Arabic: أبو الفداء‎; November 1273 – October 27, 1331), fully Al-Malik Al-Mu’ayyad Imād-ad-Dīn Abu Al-Fida’ Isma’il Ibn ‘Ali ibn Mahmud and better known in English as Abulfeda, was a Kurdish historian, geographer and local governor of Hama. He was a prince of the Ayyubid dynasty The crater Abulfeda on the Moon, is named after him.

Abu’l-Fida was born in Damascus, where his father Malik ul-Afdal, brother of Emir Al-Mansur Muhammad II of Hama, had fled from the Mongols.

In his boyhood he devoted himself to the study of the Qur’an and the sciences, but from his twelfth year onward, he was almost constantly engaged in military expeditions, chiefly against the crusaders.



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