Abu Sahl ‘Isa ibn Yahya al-Masihi

Born on 960

Died on 1000

Abu Sahl ‘Isa ibn Yahya al-Masihi was a Christian physician of Jurjan, he started medicine and took as his tutor Abu Mansur Hassan bin Nuh al-Qamari. Abu Sahl, besides the glory that is rightly his as the adviser and companion of Avicenna, was himself no mean physician. His knowledge of medicine was acquired chiefly at Baghdad. Later he left the court of the caliph for that of Ma’mun ibn Muhammad Khwarazmshah and here he became acquainted with the young Avicenna. His book, the Sad Bab or Kitab-ul-Mi’a fi Tibb or ‘The Book of the Hundred Chapters on Medicine’, was one of the standard textbooks for medical students for many years after his death.
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