Nizam al-Din Nishapuri

Died on 1328

Nizam al-Din Hasan al-Nisaburi;

(d. 1328/9) (in Persian: نظام الدین حسن نیشاپوری) was a Persian mathematician, astronomer, jurist, exegete, and poet. His full name was Nizam al-Din Hasan ibn Mohammad ibn Hossein Qumi Nishapuri. As the genealogy in his full name shows, his grandfather was originally from the city of Qum but Nizam was born in Nishapur.

His early education was in the city of Nishapur but he later moved to Tabriz, the capital of Il-Khanids at the time. He studied under and worked with Qutb al-Din Shirazi, who was himself a student of Nasir al-Din Tusi. He was one of the great scientists of Maragheh observatory.