Badr al-Din al-Ayni

Born on 1361

Died on 1451

Badr al-Din al-‘Ayni;

(Arabic: بدر الدين العيني‎) born 762 AH (1360 CE), died 855 AH (1453 CE) was a Sunni Islamic scholar of the Hanafi madh’hab. Al-‘Ayni is an abbreviation for al-‘Ayntābi, referring to his native city.

He was born into a scholarly family in 762 AH (1360 CE) in the city of ‘Ayntāb (which is now Gaziantep in modern Turkey). He studied history, adab, and Islamic religious sciences, and was fluent in Turkish. There is some evidence that he also knew at least some Persian. In 788 AH (1386 CE) he travelled to Jerusalem, where he met the Hanafi shaykh al-Sayrāmī, who was the head of the newly established Zāhiriyah madrasah (school) and khānqah (Sufi retreat.) Al-Sayrami invited al-‘Ayni to accompany him home to Cairo, where he became one of the Sufis of the Zāhiriyah. This was a step upward for the young al-‘Ayni, as it represented entry into “an institution with ties to the highest level of the ruling elite.