Al-Maqrizi, Taqi al-Din

Born on 1364

Died on 1442

Al-Maqrīzī or Makrīzī;

(Arabic: المقريزي), he was Taqī al-Dīn Abū al-‘Abbās Aḥmad ibn ‘Alī ibn ‘Abd al-Qādir ibn Muḥammad al-Maqrīzī (Arabic: تقي الدين أحمد بن علي بن عبد القادر بن محمد المقريزي) (1364–1442) was a prominent medieval Egyptian historian during the Mamluk-era, remarkable in this context for his unusually keen interest in the Isma’ili Fatimid dynasty and its role in Egyptian history.”

Al-Maqrīzī was born in Fatimid Cairo and spent most of his life in Egypt. When he presents himself in his books he usually stops at the 10th forefather although he confessed to some of his close friends that he can trace his ancestry to Al-Mu‘izz li-Dīn Allāh – first Fatimid caliph in Egypt and the founder of al-Qahirah – and even to Ali ibn Abi Talib. He was trained in the Hanafite school of law. Later, he switched to the Shafi’ite school and finally to the Zahirite school.