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1001 Inventions: A Conference to Celebrate the International Launch

by FSTC Limited Published on: 27th April 2010

This academic meeting will be held on the occasion of celebrating the International Launch of the new blockbuster 1001 Inventions Exhibition


FSTC at the House of Lords in London

by FSTC Limited Published on: 8th May 2009

FSTC was invited to speak at the UK House of Lords for the Every Muslim Child Matters project


Homage to Professor Salim Al-Hassani in Al-Ithinainiya Literary Forum in Jeddah

by FSTC Limited Published on: 7th February 2009

On 2 February 2009 Professor Salim Al-Hassani, Chairman of the FSTC was given homage by Sheikh Abdul Maqsood Khoja at the Al-Ithnainiya Literary Forum in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


Gardens, Nature and Conservation in Islam

by FSTC Limited Published on: 21st July 2002

The notion, repeated in the Quran, of Paradise as a garden (al-janna, "The Garden") is symbolized in the form of Andalusi gardens, a few of which survive physically and some of which are described in…