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Abdul Nasser Kaadan

by Abdul Nasser Kaadan Published on: 4th April 2019

Dr. Abdul Nasser Kaadan, who was born in Syria, has been an orthopedic surgeon since 1986. He received his PhD in History of Medicine in 1993 from the High Institute for the History of Arabic…


Al-Razi on Smallpox and Measles

by Abdul Nasser Kaadan Published on: 8th April 2007

This article by Dr. Abdulnasser Kaadan shows that as early as the 9th century, the well known Muslim physician al-Razi described, in his book Kitab al-Jadari wa 'l-Hasba (The Book on Smallpox and Measles), the…


Bone Fractures in Ibn Sina’s Medicine

by Abdul Nasser Kaadan Published on: 29th September 2005

Ibn Sina, or Avicenna as he referred to in the West, was a well-known philosopher and physician from Islamic civilisation. Here we look at his accomplishments and contributions towards knowledge of bone fractures.