Zakaria Virk


Zakaria M. Virk is a Canadian historian of the history of science as developed in the Muslim world during medieval times. He has authored/translated 20 books in English and Urdu, five of which are on the life of Nobel Laureate Dr. Abdus Salam. Many of his books are available online @ He is blessed with two sons and eight grandchildren. He lives in Toronto (Maple) with his wife of 47 years. He loves to travel, bike ride and walking. (Source)


Libraries of the Muslim World (859-2000)

by Zakaria Virk Published on: 26th November 2019

The Muslim World acquired the art of paper-making in the eighth century in Persia, ultimately Muslims brought papermaking to India and Europe. Public libraries appeared in Baghdad, Cairo, and Cordoba where books were made of…

Science In India During The Muslim Rule

by Zakaria Virk Published on: 29th October 2019

The scientific cooperation between India and the Arabs dates back to the time of Abbasid Caliphate of Baghdad when a number of books on astronomy, mathematics, and medicine were translated from Sanskrit into Arabic. From…