Richard Covington


East Meets West in Venice

by Richard Covington Published on: 29th February 2012

For much of the millennium before the rise of Portugal and Spain, Venice flourished as the hub of Europe's trade with the lands to its east and south. The profound mutual influences that resulted have…

Rediscovering Arabic Science

by Richard Covington Published on: 12th August 2009

The magazine Saudi Aramco World published in May-June 2007 an interesting folder on Arabic and Islamic science. The folder of 20 pages consists of several articles illustrated with a rich iconography and accompanied with illuminating…

Rediscovering Arabic Science: Islamic Scientific Heritage in the last issue of Saudi Aramco World

by Richard Covington Published on: 1st June 2007

In its current issue (May-June 2007), Saudi Aramco World, a magazine devoted to increase cross-cultural understanding published in Houston, Texas, dedicated a folder of 20 pages on Islamic science. The folder consists of three articles…