Peter E. Pormann

Peter E. Pormann in Professor of Classics and Graeco-Arabic Studies at the University of Manchester. Recent publications include two special double issues The Arabic Commentaries on the Hippocratic ‘Aphorisms’ (Oriens, co-edited with Kamran I. Karimullah; 2017), and Medical Traditions (Intellectual History of the Islamicate World, co-edited with Leigh Chipman, Miri Schefer-Mossensohn; 2017–18) and two edited books: La construction de la médecine arabe médiévale (with Pauline Koetschet, 2016); and Philosophy and Medicine in the Formative Period of Islam (with Peter Adamson; 2017). His Cambridge Companion to Hippocrates is forthcoming in 2018.


1001 Cures: Translation Movement

by Peter E. Pormann Published on: 27th September 2019

Translation is one of the most powerful drivers in the development of science and medicine. From the earliest periods of recorded history until today, translation has played a crucial role in propagating scientific knowledge.

1001 Cures – Introduction

by Peter E. Pormann Published on: 12th October 2018

Islamic civilisation developed a system of healthcare that, at its apogée, was envied by both friend and foe. Therefore, medicine evolved into a highly complex and variegated discipline from the 7th to the 21st century…