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Khaleel Shaikh « Muslim Heritage

Khaleel Shaikh


Africa Image Gallery

by Khaleel Shaikh Published on: 9th November 2019

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A Sanctuary for Birds: Muslim Civilisation

by Khaleel Shaikh Published on: 20th June 2018

Few creatures from the animal kingdom can live alongside humans in urban habitats. One of these survivalists are birds. There was a time when birds were simply welcomed and not worshipped not treated badly. You…

When the World was Upside Down: Maps from Muslim Civilisation

by Khaleel Shaikh Published on: 15th December 2017

Great scholars from Muslim Civilisation, indeed, turned the world upside down with their maps; not just metaphorically but world maps once were literally upside down (with south dipicted at the top).

The West Owes a Debt to Islam: Interview with Prof Glen Cooper

by Khaleel Shaikh Published on: 31st October 2017

Professor Glen Cooper discusses the Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation. During the European Dark Ages, when science, art and literature seemed to flounder for centuries, there actually was a lot of discover in places like…

Technology in sub-Saharan Cultures

by Khaleel Shaikh Published on: 5th June 2017

Genetic and paleontological findings have concluded that Africa is the birthplace of the entire human race. Africa is often thought of as a continent rich in natural beauty and culture. However, little is known or…

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