Glen M. Cooper


From Baghdad to Barcelona: The Anxiety of Influence in the Transmission of the Greek and Arabic Sciences

by Published on: 4th November 2019

Drawing on Harold Bloom’s model of poetic influence and supersession in his famous book, “The Anxiety of Influence,” and considering several historical cases of cross-cultural reception of the natural sciences from the Middle Ages that involved translation, this paper sketches a dynamic for understanding how one culture receives the intellectual riches of another. It argues further that the relative or perceived power relationship of the translator to the source culture can significantly affect the quality and usefulness of the translations

Islamic Astronomy from “Star Wars” to Star Tables

by Published on: 4th November 2019

The most obvious difference between modern and Islamic astronomy is that the latter is primarily mathematical and predictive, and the former has other observational goals, such as describing the physics of other worlds.

A Culture Devoted to Healing

by Published on: 4th November 2019

Muslim Contributions to the Medical Sciences A Tribute to Dr Rabie E. Abdel-Halim


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