Adil Salahi


Makkah in Pre-Islamic and Early Islamic Poetry

by Adil Salahi Published on: 28th April 2021

Cities may flourish during a certain period of history and then they may lose their importance, depending on various factors. However, cities that are built around a religious tradition tend to prosper and grow in…

Izz Al-Din ibn Abd Al-Salam

by Adil Salahi Published on: 2nd March 2005

A courageous scholar of Islamic law Izz al-Din wrote several important books. He played an key role in giving firm advice to divided Muslim rulers during a time when the Islamic world was under attack…

Imam Ahmad ibn Taimiyah

by Adil Salahi Published on: 27th January 2005

Ibn Taimiyah was a man to whom learning about Islam was in no way a mere academic exercise. It brought a thorough understanding of God's faith and a determined attempt to make it supreme in…

Imam Ali ibn Hazm

by Adil Salahi Published on: 21st January 2005

An Andalusian scholar who studied as an independent scholar rejecting blind following of a particular school of jurisprudence. He was taught by several women and argued the some women had been prophets.

Imam Jaafar As-Sadiq

by Adil Salahi Published on: 14th January 2005

One of the foremost scholars of Islam Imam Jaafar as-Sadiq was a teacher of both Abu Haneefah and Malik, the founders of two of the four schools of Islamic Law.

Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal

by Adil Salahi Published on: 30th December 2004

Ahmad Ibn Hanbal was a founder of one of the four main Sunni schools of Jurisprudence. He developed fiqh but was also an expert in the study of Islamic oral traditions (the sayings - hadith).…

Imam El-Shafie

by Adil Salahi Published on: 20th December 2004

Imam El-Shafie established the specialised branch of Islamic studies in Jurisprudence called Usool ul Fiqh, i.e. the methodology of Islamic law. His work founded one of the four main schools of Islamic law.

Imam Abu Haneefah

by Adil Salahi Published on: 9th December 2004

Imam Abu Haneefah developed a science of Islamic law through systematic study of textual evidence and methodic reasoning and his approach had a far reaching impact on the Islamic world and beyond.