Abdesselam Cheddadi

Abdesselam Cheddadi is professor in the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University Muhammad V in Rabat, and former Associate Head of Studies at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris.

Abdesselam Cheddadi is a specialist on Islamic historiography and the cultural and political history of Morocco. He is translator of the autobiography of Ibn Khaldun under the title Le voyage d’occident et d’orient [The Journey to West and East] (1980); extracts from the Kitab al-Ibar, under the title Peuples et nations du monde [The World’s Peoples and Nations] (2 vols., 1986); and numerous studies on aspects of the thought of Ibn Khaldun.Image source: https://www.babelio.com/users/AVT_Abdesselam-Cheddadi_9829.jpeg


Ibn Khaldun’s Concept of Education in the ‘Muqaddima’

by Abdesselam Cheddadi Published on: 15th May 2009

At first sight, the place held by education in Ibn Khaldun's sociology appears uncertain to say the least. What today we understand by the term ‘education'—the replication of individuals and groups, firstly at the level…