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by Media Desk Published on: 24th May 2020

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Browse through selected images taken from Muslim Heritage articles related to Architecture...

“Architecture is the learned game correct and
magnificent of forms assembled in the light”
– Le Corbusier


Images are taken from the following articles: 

Stunning Ceilings from the Wonders of Islamic Architecture by Cem Nizamoglu

The Back-Road Historic Mosques of China by Sheila Blair, Jonathan Bloom, Nancy Steinhardt

Lighthouse of Alexandria in the sources from Islamic Civilisation by Cem Nizamoglu

Mosque of Whirling Colours: A Mixture of Architecture and Art in Nasīr al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz, Iran by Cem Nizamoglu

The Courtyard Houses of Syria by Mahmoud Zein Alabidin

Abdel-Wahed El-Wakil or the Triumph of the Islamic Architectural Style by El Sayed Foundation

Sinan: A Great Ottoman Architect and Urban Designer by Rabah Saoud

West African Mosque Architecture – A Brief Introduction by Cleo Cantone

The Seljuk Mausoleum by Rabah Saoud

Al-Hambra Palace and the river of paradise by Rabah Saoud

4.5 / 5. Votes 2

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