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Video: Women of Science by Salim Al-Hassani at Al-Furqān

by Media Desk Published on: 27th July 2021

As part of Al-Furqān’s Lectures on Islamic Heritage, the Foundation organised a public lecture entitled "Women of Science, Medicine and Management in Muslim Civilisation", delivered by Prof Salim Al-Hassani. The lecture coincides with Women’s International…

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International Women’s Day

by Cem Nizamoglu, Sairah Yassir-Deane Published on: 6th March 2024

To celebrate Women’s Day on 8th March, no way is better than reproducing a collection of articles written by FSTC scholars and associates on the achievements of women in Muslim Heritage in various fields. We…


Malika V: Nur Jahan

by Tom Verde Published on: 7th September 2018

From Bangladesh to Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan to Nigeria, Senegal to Turkey, it is not particularly rare in our own times for women in Muslim-majority countries to be appointed and elected to high offices—including heads of state.…