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Plague and Contagion

by Justin K. Stearns Published on: 24th August 2020

Historians traditionally have divided the occurrence of the bubonic plague (Yersinia Pestis) into three pandemics that date roughly to 541–750, 1347–1722, and 1894–present.


From Alchemy to Chemistry

by FSTC Published on: 18th May 2006

Until recently, the mainstream history of scientific ideas has failed to acknowledge numerous Islamic scientists and their great efforts and achievements throughout the centuries. This short article seeks to contribute in redressing this injustice by…


Rediscovering Arabic Science

by Richard Covington Published on: 12th August 2009

The magazine Saudi Aramco World published in May-June 2007 an interesting folder on Arabic and Islamic science. The folder of 20 pages consists of several articles illustrated with a rich iconography and accompanied with illuminating…