Aljazeera Childrens TV: Coverage of 1001 Inventions Exhibition Glasgow (UK) (Arabic)

NOTE: This video is in Arabic.

Coverage of the 1001 Inventions exhibition at the Glasgow Science Centre in 2007 by Al-Jazeera Children's TV. (Copyright Dunia Media.)

Rough Translation:
"It is clear that science and technology in Europe could not have advanced so far without the contribution of Muslim scientists in all fields. This subject will be presented for discussion in Sharjah University next March in a conference about the history of science in the Arab world. For more information about this subject you can visit Sharjah University Website but if you want to have a deep information in this field you can visit Muslim website which contains a historical encyclopaedias about Muslim inventors classified alphabetically or per subject they did. For more recent Arab inventors and their inventions there are other sites like and"

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