1001 Inventions Exhibition - Press TV News

News report about the 1001 Inventions Exhibition, which launched in London @ the Science Museum on January 21st 2010.

Broadcast on 12th February 2010 by Press TV News (UK). (Copyright Press TV.)

1001 Inventions is a global educational initiative that promotes awareness of the scientific and cultural achievements of Muslim civilisation, during the thousand year period from the 7th century onwards, and how those contributions helped build the foundations of our modern world.

Working with the world's leading academics, 1001 Inventions engages with the public through educational media and interactive global exhibitions, in order to highlight the shared cultural and technological inheritance of humanity.

Since it launched in March 2006, 1001 Inventions has successfully educated more than a million people, promoted cross-cultural understanding and strengthened social cohesion.

1001 Inventions was created by the academic Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation (FSTC) with support from the British Government.

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