Maria Do Sameiro Barroso

Maria do Sameiro Barroso is a Portuguese Medicine Doctor, a Medicine History Researcher, Board Member of the Department of History of Medicine of the Portuguese Medical Association since 2012, a Researcher of the Lisbon National Museum of Archeology, and referee of scientific books and journals. Her main research fields are: Ancient Medicine, Roman Surgical Instruments, Ancient Gynecology and Obstetrics, Gender studies, Woman Doctors, and Ancient Lithotherapy. She over 50 articles and chapters on Ancient History, Ancient Literature and Ancient Medicine, published in Portuguese and English scientific books and journals.

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Introduction Frontispiece of the Latin translation of Al-Zahrawi's (Albucasis') Kitab al-tasrif (Source) During Galen´s life (129-217 A.D.), magic and supernatural thinking was already replacing the brilliant Greek rational medical thought of Hippocratic...