Adnan A. Al-Mazrooa

Department of anesthesiology (A. A. A.), King Abdul-Aziz University Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


Table of contents 1. Anaesthesia and resuscitation in the medicine of Islamic era 1.1. Anaesthesia 1.1.1. Documentation of the use of AI-Murquid 1.1.2. Anaesthesia techniques 1.1.3. Anaesthesia personnel 1.1.4. Monitoring 1.2. Resuscitation 1.2.1. Resuscitation team 1.2.2. Nutrition 1.2...
Table of contents 1. Narcotics in Greek and Roman medicine 2. Narcotics in The Middle Ages and Islamic era 3. Notes and references * * * Pain is a subjective experience which requires the presence of consciousness. Over the ages there has been a demand for methods of relief. In the...