Ian Kendrick

Ian Kendrik spent over 30 years working in industry, and has held board level positions in many organisations, including Vice President, Corporate Development at Fujitsu. He now heads The Management Crowd, a specialist-consulting firm, focused on helping its clients to work with the complexity and uncertainty of the modern business and organisation world.

As well as his work with companies facilitating individuals and teams, he lectures at business schools, at master level on many topics, including strategy, innovation, complexity, organisation, viability, leadership, storytelling and building shared vision and mental models. His strength is in adapting his style to the needs of the group: he can present in depth to a group, facilitate dialogue or consult as appropriate.

Ian Kendrik has a proven track record of giving people techniques and models that they can apply from that day forward. His ideas change the ways in which people think, and can dramatically improve their effectiveness in any function.


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