Abdel Aziz al-Jaraki

Abdel Aziz al-Jaraki is a professional architect in Damascus, with expertise in the Islamic tradition of mechanics. He is a consultant for the Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation (FSTC), UK.


by Abdel Aziz al-Jaraki * Table of contents 1. Setting the Stage 2. Clocks in Islamic Technology 3. Our study of Ridhwan al-Sa'ati's clock 4. The Components of the Damascus Clock 4.1 The Upper Level 4.2 The Lower Section 5. Critical Assessment of the Two Recent Models 5.1 Features of...
A number of attempts were made to explain a device that existed in the past near the Umayyad mosque in Damascus and had functioned for many centuries without much success. Of these are the famous scholarly works of Wiederman [1] and Hill [2]. These considerations drove this author to try to shed...