Abdul Nasser Kaadan

Dr. Abdul Nasser Kaadan, who was born in Syria, has been an orthopedic surgeon since 1986. He received his PhD in History of Medicine in 1993 from the High Institute for the History of Arabic Science of Aleppo University. The degree was the first of its kind granted to a physician in the Arab World. He is now an assistant professor and the chairman of History of Medicine Department – Institute for the History of Arabic Science, Aleppo University, Aleppo, Syria.

He is the founder and now the president of the International Society for the History of Islamic Medicine (www.ishim.net), and the chief editor of its Journal which is published in English. Also, he is the director of the editorial board of the Prominent Arab Physicians Encyclopedia (www.papencyclopedia.net).

He has participated in more than 80 international congresses outside Syria, has 48 published papers and 6 books, and has been awarded 18 scholarships, awards and prizes from Japan, Britain, Singapore, France, Taiwan, Germany, the United States of America, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Syria and the WHO.

In his academic work, Dr. Kaadan has corrected some fallacies in the field of history of medicine, especially those related to the achievements and contributions of Arab and Muslim physicians during the Middle Ages that are still attributed to Western physicians.


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