Ian Griffin

Dr Griffin was one of the founders of the 1001inventions initiative in Manchester while serving as Director of the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. He has also served as a member of the steering committee to the first phase of the new global 1001inventions exhibition. He is now CEO of the Oxford Trust, which set up and manages Science Oxford, a modern science gallery which brings scientists and the public together in a unique and stimulating environment.

Dr Griffin is an established professional astronomer and the former head of public outreach at NASA's Space Telescope Science Institute. He also acts as a freelance science engagement consultant. We are glad to congratulate Ian on his Fellowship. MHAG is greatly benefitted by the support of such distinguished members.


It is our pleasure to announce that Dr Ian Griffin, a member of Muslim Heritage Awareness Group (MHAG), a consulting network working with FSTC, was a recipient of a NOYCE Fellowship in 2009. The Noyce Leadership Fellows (NLF) assists leaders of science centers and related institutions to act as...