Ibn Tahir al-Baghdadi

Full name: 
Abu Mansur Abr Al-Qahir ibn Tahir ibn Muhammad ibn Abdallah Al-Tamini Al-Shaffi Al-Baghdadî
Arabic name: 
أبو منصور عبدا لقاهر ابن طاهر بن محمد بن عبد الله التميمي الشافعي البغدادي
Date of birth: 
Date of death: 

Al-Baghdadi was one of the greatest theologians of his age and many works are attributed to him. He also wrote two mathematical works. The first book is a small treatise on menstruation: Kitâb fi'l-Misaha, which gives the units of length, area and volume and ordinary menstruation rules. The second treatise, al-Takmila fi'l-Hisab, is a work in which Al-Baghdadi notes in the introduction that earlier works are either too brief to be of great use or are concerned with only one chapter (system) of arithmetic.

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