Banu Musa

Full name: 
Abū Jaʿfar, Muḥammad ibn Mūsā ibn Shākir, Abū al‐Qāsim, Aḥmad ibn Mūsā ibn Shākir and Al-Ḥasan ibn Mūsā ibn Shākir
Arabic name: 
بن موسى
Latin name: 
Trium fratum

The three brothers Banū Mūsā, sons of Mūsā ibn Shākir al-Munajjim, are scholars from the 9th-century Baghdad, at that time the capital of the Abbasid dynasty that ruled the Muslim Empire for several centuries. Their names, in order of seniority, were Muhammad, Ahmad, and al-Hasan. Their works in different scientific areas are attributed to them jointly, although we do know that they had their own areas of expertise. Muhammad was mainly a specialist in geometry and astronomy, while Ahmad worked mainly on mechanics and al-Hasan excelled mainly in geometry.

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