Full name: 
Abū al-Husayn ‘Abd al-Rahmān Al-Sūfī
Arabic name: 
أبو الحسين عبد الرحمن الصوفي
Latin name: 
Date of birth: 
07 Dec, 903
Date of death: 
25 May, 986
The Egyptian astronomer Muhammad ibn Abi al-Fath al-Sufi (d. 1543) composed several treatises on the theory and the practice of the steelyard balance which enjoyed wide diffusion. Al-Sufi seems to be the last original representative of the classical Arabic tradition of works on balances and weights. With him, this tradition comes to an end, at the same time as pre-classical physics in Europe was undergoing a deep transformation that would finally integrate the science of weights into modern physics.