Full name: 
Abu al-Saqr Abd al-Aziz ibn Uthman al-Qabisi
Arabic name: 
أبو الصقر عبد العزيز بن عثمان القبيصي
Latin name: 
Alchabitius (and Alcabitius, Alcibitius)
Date of death: 

A 10th century astrologer (d. 967), primarily known for his treatise on judicial astrology, Introduction to the Art of Judgments of the Stars, dedicated to the Sultan Sayf al-Dawlah (reigned c. 916-967) of the Hamdanid dynasty, a work which was highly prized in medieval and Renaissance Europe.

A 13th century Latin translation by John of Seville was printed in 1473 under the title Alchabitii Abdilazi liber introductorius ad magisterium judiciorum astrorum (the work is also known as the Liber isagogicus de planetarum coniunctionibus). Further editions, such as those of 1485 and 1491, often included a commentary by Johannes Dank ("John Danko") of Saxony, a 14th century author.

Erhard Ratdolt's edition published in Venice in 1503 (Alchabitius cum commento) also included Dank's commentary.