Scholars A-Z

Died on 708
He was an Arabic poet, famous for his erotic and romantic poems.
Born on 893 Died on 974
Abū Zakarīyā’ Yaḥyá ibn ʿAdī was a Syriac Jacobite Christian philosopher, theologian and translator working in Arabic.
Born on 1100
Yaḥya ibn Saʿīd al-Anṭākī (Ar. يحيى بن سعيد الأنطاكي), was a Melkite Christian physician and historian of the 11th century.
Born on 1179 Died on 1229
Yaqut Al-Hamawi (d. 1229) - early scholarly activities consisted in copying and selling manuscripts, whilst studying Arabic and grammar. Yaqut could not settle in one place though and travelled much, first as a merchant, then as a geographer fascinated by places and their diverse populations, dress...