Scholars A-Z

Born on 950
Ibn Yunus was an astronomer and a mathematician; and came to fame in 1804 when a Leiden manuscript of his was first studied. Ibn Yunus' main work was al-Zij al-Hakimi (Zij meaning an astronomical handbook) which begins with a list of observations made by him and others.
Born on 665 Died on 704
Khalid ibn Yazid was an Umayyad prince, a brother of Muawiyah II who was briefly caliph. Prince Khalid lost the chance of inheriting the title, but took an interest in the study of alchemy, in Egypt, facilitating translations into Arabic of the existing literature. It is to this Khalid that lat...
Born on 910 Died on 1005
An important astronomer and astrologist who worked as the chief official of the astronomical observatory of the Song dynasty.
Muhammad Baqir Yazdi was an Iranian mathematician who lived in the 16th century. He gave the pair of amicable numbers 9,363,584 and 9,437,056 many years before Euler's contribution to amicable numbers. He was the last notable Islamic mathematician. His major book is Oyoun Alhesab.