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Born on 1008 Died on 1074
A physician from Toledo, he lived from 1008 to 1074. He is the author of a treatise on ophalmology and of another on simple medical substances. The latter was famous in Europe under the title Liber Abenguefith Philosophi de virtutibus medicinarum et ciborum, after its Latin translation by Gherard of...
Born on 900 Died on 1000
Alchemist who is claimed to have cracked the Rosetta stone, eight centuries earlier than Jean-François Champollion. The achievemnet of cracking this code is famed as a critical moment in code-breaking history.
Born on 1208 Died on 1298
Born in Hamāt on Sunday 2 Shawwāl 604/20 April 1208 Died at Hamāt in 697/1298 Abū 'Abd Allāh Jamāl al-Dīn Muhammad b. Sālim b. Nasr Allāh b. Sālim Ibn Wāsil was an historian and man of letters, born in Hamāt in Syria on Sunday 2 Shawwāl 604/20 April 1208. He began his studies under his father, w...
Died on 1085
Ibrahim ibn Said Al-Wazzân is known to have been a prominent instrument maker working in Valencia and Toledo. For more detail click here.