Scholars A-Z

Born on 1008 Died on 1074
Abū ’l-Muṭarrif ‘Abd al-Raḥmān ibn Muḥammad ibn ‘Abd al-Kabīr ibn Yaḥyà ibn Wāfid ibn Muḥammad al-Lakhmī, who was born into a noble Toledan family, the Bāni Wāfid, in 389/998-99 or 398/1007-8 and died in 467/1074-75, was a physician, botanist, pharmacologist and agronomist who spent most if not all...
Born on 900 Died on 1000
Abu Bakr Ibn Washiyya (alive in 218/930), the author or translator of many «Nabatean» books, among them the famous al-Filaha an-Nabatiyya, «the Nabatean Agriculture». Click here for more information.
Born on 1208 Died on 1298
Jamal al-Din Muhammad ibn Salim, known as Ibn Wasil, was a historian who Mufarrij al-kurub fi akhbar bani Ayyub ('The Dissipator of Cares in the Account of the Ayyubid Dynasty'). Ibn Wasil was in Cairo for most of the period of the crusader operation in Egypt, but spent some days in the Sultan's...
Died on 1085
Ibrahim ibn Said Al-Wazzân is known to have been a prominent instrument maker working in Valencia and Toledo. For more detail click here.