Scholars A-Z

Born on 900 Died on 960
Jewish physician and one of the first scholars to make a comparative study of the Hebrew and Arabic languages. He practiced medicine at the Fatamid court of al-Qayrawan, (now in Tunisia) and, like other educated Jewish people of his time, was versed in Hebrew. The work for which he is best known was...
Born on 1432 Died on 1517
Hasan ibn Hussain Al-Tulunî belonged to a famed family of architects. Amongst his many works, he is known to have erected the mausoleum of khusqadam in Cairo, for which he received a robe of honour in 1462. For more detail click here.
Died on 1033
Ibn Al-Thahabi was famous for writing the first known alphabetical encyclopedia of medicine. Click here for more information.
Astronomer and astrologer from Baghdad who flourished around 760-770, known in Latin by his works such as Omar Tiberiadis astronomi preclarissimi Liber de natiuitatibus & interrogationibus (Venitiis, 1503), of which the original title is Kitâb al-Mawâlid (‘Book of Nativities'). Translated by Joh...