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Born on 860 Died on 940
We still have al-Iqd al-Farid (The Precious Necklace) of Ibn ‘Abd Rabbihi which includes among a multiplicity of matters, a history of the Umayyads of Spain, culminating with a rajaz poem on the military expeditions under Abd Al-Rahman III an-Nassir. For more detail click here.
Lagâri Hasan Çelebi was a legendary Ottoman aviator who, according to a sole account written by traveller Evliya Çelebi, made a successful manned rocket flight.
Born on 1627 Died on 1683
Mohammed al-Rudani was an astronomer born in Taroudant, Morocco.   Al-Rudani spent most of his life in Ottoman territories. He is especially well known for the invention of a spherical device into which another sphere (painted blue) with a different axis was placed. This second sphere was...
Muhamad B. Ali Rustum Al-Khurasani, who between 1146 and 1169, constructed the clock placed at the Bab Jairun (often called the bab as'aa, (door of the clock) of the Mosque of the Umayyads in Damascus, which had been burnt down in 1166-7. This clock was seen and described by travellers such as Ibn J...