Scholars A-Z

Born on 1364 Died on 1436
Qadi Zada al-Rumi (1364-1440 C.E.) Qadi Zada studied mathematics and astronomy in Transoxiana; then a great cultural centre. In 1383, Qadi Zada gained a great reputation as a mathematician by completing a treatise on arithmetic, Risala fi'l Hisab a work which covers arithmetic, algebra and mensurati...
Born on 700 Died on 800
Raja ibn Haywah was one of the two engineers who were instructed to design the Dome of the Rock. Click here for more info.
Rashid Al-Din was a well-recognised botanist and his passion and knowledge of the subject places him amongst the greatest botanists. For more detail click here.
Born on 1177 Died on 1241
Al-Suri was born and brought up in Tyre, then part of Lebanon and derives his name al-Suri from the name of the city in Arabic"Sur". After completing his preliminary education in Tyre, he moved to Jerusalem, under Ayyubid control, where he served as a phy...