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Hezârfen Ahmed Çelebi was a legendary Ottoman of 17th-century Istanbul, purported to have achieved sustained unpowered flight. Click here for more information.
Died on 1079
Abu Ibrahim ibn Aflah Al-Rakham, a marble mason, who in September 1079, completed restoration works at the Mosque of Seville after it had been damaged weeks before. For more detail click here.
Born on 1126 Died on 10 Dec, 1198
An Andalusian philosopher, physician, and polymath, a master of philosophy, Islamic law, astronomy, medicine, physics, and science. He was born in Cordoba, and died in Marrakech (1126-10 December 1198 CE). His school of philosophy is known as Averroism. He has been described as the founding father o...
Born on 860 Died on 940
We still have al-Iqd al-Farid (The Precious Necklace) of Ibn ‘Abd Rabbihi which includes among a multiplicity of matters, a history of the Umayyads of Spain, culminating with a rajaz poem on the military expeditions under Abd Al-Rahman III an-Nassir. For more detail click here.