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Born on 980 Died on 1037
Abd al-Qahir al-Baghdadi was an Arab mathematician from Baghdad who is best known for his treatise al-Takmila fi'l-Hisab. It contains results in number theory, and comments on works by al-Khwarizmi which are now lost. See al-Baghdadi's scientific biography in MacTutor History of Mathematics for m...
Born on 940 Died on 1000
Abu Sahl al-Quhi was an astronomer and mathematician. He is said to have been one of the leading figures in a revival and continuation of Greek higher geometry in the Islamic world. Click here for more information.
Born on 1355 Died on 1418
Shihab al-Din abu 'l-Abbas Ahmad ben Ali ben Ahmad Abd Allah al-Qalqashandi (1355 or 1356 – 1418) was a medieval Egyptian writer and mathematician.   Born in a village in the Nile Delta, al-Qalqashandi was scribe of the scroll (katib al-darj) in the Mamluk chancery in Cairo. He is the aut...
Died on 967
The Risala, "Al-risala al-mufassala fi ahwal al-muta'allimin wa ahkam al-mu'allimin wal-muta'allimin" is a treatise on the education of children written by Abu-l-Hasan 'Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Khala al-Ma'afiri al-Qairawani generally known as al-Qabisi (or Ibn al-Qabisi). Thanks to Ibn Khallikan, we kn...