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Died on 1329
Niẓām al‐Dīn al‐Aʿraj al‐Nīsāpūrī composed several widely studied astronomy texts in the 14th century, Click here for more information.
Nusayba bint Harith al-Ansari, also called Umm ‘Atia, took care of casualties on the battlefields and provided them with water, food and first aid. In addition, she performed circumcisions. Click here for more information.
Nusayba Bint Kaab Al-Mazeneya was one of the Muslim women who provided nursing services to warriors at the battle of Uhud (625 H). Click here for more information.
Born on 993 Died on 1056
Samuel ibn Naghrillah was the first major Hebrew poet, prime minister and commander-in-chief or the Muslim city-kingdom of Granada. He was at the same time an important Jewish scholar and skilled in astronomy. He and his son compiled three seperate volumes of his poetry, named after biblical books:...