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Nasuh Al-Matrakî, A Noteworthy Ottoman Artist-Mathematician of the Sixteenth Century.
Died on 990
Nazif ibn Yumn Qass (died 990) was a Persian mathematician of the Middle Ages.   He flourished under the Buyid shahanshah Adud al-Dawla. He was also a translator of Greek into Arabic, translating the Tenth book of Euclid.
Professor Nil Sari (Akdeniz) has been the head of the History of Medicine and Ethics Department of Istanbul University at the Cerrahpasha Medical School since 1983. She published extensively on various subjects related to the Islamic medicine in general, and of medical knowledge and practices in the...
Died on 1329
Nizam al-Din Hasan al-Nisaburi was a Persian mathematician, astronomer, jurist, exegete, and poet. His full name was Nizam al-Din Hasan ibn Mohammad ibn Hossein Qumi Nishapuri. As the genealogy in his full name shows, his grandfather was originally from the city of Qum but Nizam was born in Nishapur...