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Nasruddin Khodja, known also as Mulla Nasruddin or simply Nasruddin, is the starring character in a vast number of amusing tales told in regions all over the world, particularly in countries in or near the Middle East. Each tale depicts Nasruddin in a different situation, and through his viewpoint t...
Died on 990
Abū ʿAlī Naẓīf ibn Yumn is variously identified in the primary sources as al-mutaṭabbib (the medical practitioner), al-qass al-Rūmī (the Melkite priest), and al-Baghdādī (from Baghdad).   Click here for more information.
Died on 1329
Niẓām al‐Dīn al‐Aʿraj al‐Nīsāpūrī composed several widely studied astronomy texts in the 14th century, Click here for more information.
Nusayba bint Harith al-Ansari, also called Umm ‘Atia, took care of casualties on the battlefields and provided them with water, food and first aid. In addition, she performed circumcisions. Click here for more information.