Scholars A-Z

Born on 702
Jaafar As-Sadiq did not excel only in Islamic studies. He was keenly interested in other sciences, particularly chemistry, physics and astronomy. One of his main students in these disciplines was Jabir ibn Hayyan, who excelled in chemistry and mathematics. Apparently he had a special time allocated...
Born on 1100 Died on 1150
Andalusian mathematician and astronomer, native of Seville (b. 1100-d. ca. 1150) and a contemporary of Musa Ibn Maymun (Maimonides, 1135-1204). He shares with Jabir Ibn Hayyan the Latin patronym of Geber. His major work, Islah al-majisti (Correction of the Almagest), proved to be a strong influence...
Born on 721 Died on 815
A prominent Muslim polymath (c. 721–c. 815), who excelled in many scientific branches but was immortalised by his contributions in chemistry, that he practiced in its ancient sense, that is by mixing it with alchemist considerations inherited from ancient times. He was also an astronomer and astrolo...
Born on 800 Died on 900
Jabril ibn Bukhtishu, (Jibril ibn Bakhtisha) also written as Bakhtyshu, was an 8-9th century physician from the Bukhtishu family of Assyrian Nestorian physicians from the Academy of Gundishapur. He spoke the Syriac language.