Scholars A-Z

Born on 989 Died on 1079
A brilliant Andalusian mathematician (b. 989, Cordova, Al-Andalus – d. 1079, Jaen, Al-Andalus). He wrote important commentaries on Euclid's Elements and he wrote the first treatise on spherical trigonometry. Little is known about his life. Some of his works translated into Latin were ascribed to Alh...
Born on 1136 Died on 1206
He was was one of history's greatest mechanical engineers. He authored 60 inventions in his book Al-Jami Bain Al-Ilm Wal-Amal Al-Nafi Fi Sinat'at Al-Hiyal. Among his inventions were the reciprocating double action suction pump, combination lock, reciprocating piston mechanism, weight-driven mechanic...
Born on 980 Died on 1037
A Persian physician from Juzjan in Afghanistan (980-1037). He was the closest disciple of Ibn Sīnā. He spent many years with his master in Isfahan, becoming his lifetime companion. Our knowledge of Ibn Sina's life is due in part to the biography composed by al-Juzjani. It is published in English und...
Born on 25 Jun, 1936
Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie was President of Indonesia from 1998 to 1999. His presidency was the third, and the shortest, after independence.