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Born on 1753 Died on 1825
Al-Jabarti was a historian and witness to one of the major events of Egyptian history that is the French invasion of Egypt, which took place in 1798.
Born on 776 Died on 868
Widely believed to be of Ethiopian descent, the African-Arab, al-Jahiz (the more common appellation, due to an eye deformity) is referred to as the “father of the theory of evolution” by some historians. Born in 776 and raised in Iraq, through daily attendance at the Masjid (Mosque) lectures, such a...
Died on 1342
Aydamur al-Jaldaki was an alchemist from Jaldak, a town eighteen kilometres away from Mashad in Khurasan. He lived in Damascus, and then moved to Cairo, where he died between 750 AH/1349-1350 CE and 762 AH/1360-1361 CE. He left about fifteen works on alchemy, of one which is his Book of Demonstratio...
Born on 1222
'Abd al-Rahman al-Jawbari provided a long inventory of shady alhchemical dealings. Around the year 1220, al-Jawbari wrote a book called The Revelation of Secrets that details a variety of cheats and swindles. He recounts the sleights of hand used by false alchemists to dupe the unwary-gold hidden in...