Scholars A-Z

Born on 1753 Died on 1825
Al-Jabarti was a historian and witness to one of the major events of Egyptian history that is the French invasion of Egypt, which took place in 1798.
Born on 776
Al-Jahiz was a zoologist, scholar, thinker and wit.
Died on 1342
Aydamur al-Jaldaki was an alchemist from Jaldak, a town eighteen kilometres away from Mashad in Khurasan. He lived in Damascus, and then moved to Cairo, where he died between 750 AH/1349-1350 CE and 762 AH/1360-1361 CE. He left about fifteen works on alchemy, of one which is his Book of Demonstratio...
Born on 1222
'Abd al-Rahman al-Jawbari provided a long inventory of shady alhchemical dealings. Around the year 1220, al-Jawbari wrote a book called The Revelation of Secrets that details a variety of cheats and swindles. He recounts the sleights of hand used by false alchemists to dupe the unwary-gold hidden in...