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ʿAlī ibn ʿĪsā al-Asṭurlābī, author of an early Arabic treatise on the astrolabe and an opponent of astrology, enjoyed renown as an astronomical instrument maker and contributed to observations initiated by the ʿAbbāsid caliph Maʾmūn. He took part with Khālid ibn ʿAbd al-Malik al-Marwarrūdhī and othe...
One of the most highly regarded of ophthalmological manuals was that covering 130 eye ailments writte by 'Ali ibn 'Isa al-Kahhal (d. 1010/400 H) who practiced in Baghdad. Click here for more information.
Born on 1040
Bahya ibn Paquda was a Jewish philosopher known for his major work Kitab al-Hidaya ila Fara'd al-Qulub. Please click here for more information.
Born on 1172
Djamal Eddin Ibn Al-Qifti was a vizier around whom much scholarship thrived in Aleppo. He was born in Egypt, in the year 1172. At a young age, his father took him to Cairo to learn to read and write, then he left Cairo for Jerusalem then, finally Aleppo, where he spent the rest of his life, first by...