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Born on 790 Died on 853
ʿAbd al-Malik ibn Ḥabīb was born in kūrat Ilbīra, a small village near Granada, where he may have started his studies. He was a druggist (ʿaṭṭār) like his father. Click here for more information.
Died on 988
In the year 972 (361 A.H.) the Muslim merchant and traveller, Ibn Hawqal, visited the island of Sicily (Siqiliya). The description of his visit, taken from his larger work, Kitab al-masalik wa-l-mamalik, is limited to the city of Palermo and its environs. At the end of the chapter on Sicily, the aut...
Died on 1076
Ibn Hayyan was virulent in his writings of numerous personalities of his time. Among the works attributed with greater or less certainty to Ibn Hayyan, two titles stand out: Kitâb al-Muqtabis fi Tarikh al-Andalus (Book of Him Who Seeks Knowledge about the History of al-Andalus) in ten volumes, and K...
Born on 994 Died on 1064
Ibn Hazm, was born in November 994 and died in August 1064. Ibn Hazm wrote a large number of books. His son reports that he collected of his father's works no less than 400 volumes, in 80,000 pages. His writings covered a wide variety of subjects, including some psychological studies, such as h...