Scholars A-Z

Died on 1237
Muhammad ibn Fattuh al-Khamairi, flourished in the early 13th century. He is known for eight works at least. In the year 1212-3 he constructed an astrolabe in Seville, which in 1873 could be found in the French collection of H. Sauvaire, who had acquired it in Cairo; however today's possessor of the...
Born on 1437 Died on 1513
Abu Abdallah Muhammad b. Ahmad b. Muhammad Ibn Ghazi al-'Utmani al-Miknasi was a Moroccan scholar in the field of history, Islamic law, Arabic philology and mathematics. He was born in Meknes, but spent his life in Fez. Ibn Ghazi wrote a three-volume history of Meknes and a commentary to the tr...
Born on 790 Died on 853
ʿAbd al-Malik ibn Ḥabīb was born in kūrat Ilbīra, a small village near Granada, where he may have started his studies. He was a druggist (ʿaṭṭār) like his father.
Died on 988
He was a writer, geographer, and chronicler. He spent the last 30 years of his life traveling to remote parts of Asia and Africa, writing about the areas and things he had seen. His famous work is Surat al-Ardh (صورة الارض; "The face of the Earth"), where he included a detailed description of Muslim...