Scholars A-Z

Born on 1207 Died on 1274
Ṣadr al-Dīn Muḥammad b. Isḥāq b. Muḥammad b. Yūnus Qūnawī was a scholar who wrote multiple works on philosophy.   Click here for more information.
Born on 1759 Died on 24 Feb, 1851
One enterprising Asian who became a great success in his day was Sake Dean Mahomed. A soldier in the East India Company’s Bengal Regiment, he had first settled in Ireland in 1784, in the service of captain Baker with whom he worked for many years. In 1810, he established the Hindoostanee Coffee Hous...
Born on 1200 Died on 1300
Salah Al-Din ibn Yusuf Al-Kahhal bi-Hama (i.e. the eye doctor of Hama) was a Syrian oculist who flourished in Hama in 1296. He wrote for his son a very elaborate treatise of ophthalmology entitled Nur al-Uyun wa Jami al-Funun (Light of the Eyes and Collection of Rules). For more detail click here...
Died on 1257
Another Queen bearing the title of Sultana was Shajarat al-Durr, who gained power in Cairo in 1250 CE. In fact, she brought the Muslims a victory during the Crusades and captured the King of France, Louis IX. Shajarat al-Durr (whose name means in Arabic ‘string of pearls'), bore the royal name al...