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Born on 837 Died on 933
Ibn Durayd, in full Abū Bakr Muḥammad ibn al-Ḥasan al-Azdī ibn Durayd (born 837/838, Basra, Iraq—died Aug. 13, 933, Baghdad), Arab philologist who wrote a large Arabic dictionary, Jamharat al-lughah (“Collection of Language”). Ibn Durayd’s dictionary was written in Fārs and was inspired in part b...
Born on 1200 Died on 1300
Jordanus de Nemore, a European scholar of the 13th century, to whom various scientific works are ascribed in the fields of mathematics, astronomy and theoretical mechanics. Several of these texts reveal clear and strong influences from Arabic scientific works, many of which were translated into Lati...
Born on 122 Died on 1283
Muḥyi al-Dīn al-Maghribī was a Muslim astronomer and mathematician who worked in Damascus, Syria. He later worked under the guidance of Nasir al-Din Tusi in the Maragha observatory in Maragha, Ilkhanate of Persia.   Muhyi al-Din is most known for his works in trigonometry, Book on th...
Born on 1223 Died on 1292
One of the historians of Mamluk Egypt was Muhyi Al-Din Ibn Abd Al-Zâhir (1223-92) who wrote a contemporary biography of Baybars (ruled 1260-1277). He also wrote biographies of his successors, Qalawun (ruled 1279-90) and his son Al-Ashraf (1290-3). For more detail click here.