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Abu Bakr, was declared to be the so far unidentified Alabuchri, author of a geometrical treatise known only in a Latin translation by Gerard of Cremona.
Born on 870
Abu Bishr Matta received his Aristotelian education at the monastery of Mar Mari and came to Baghdad, where in the first decades of the 10th century he had al-Farabi, a Muslim, and Yahya ibn ‘Adi, a Jacobite Christian, among his pupils. He did not know Greek and his translations were made on the bas...
Born on 10 Aug, 787 Died on 09 Mar, 886
Abū Maʿshar is best known for his astrological writings; however, he also wrote on other branches of the science of the stars, including astronomical tables. Click here for more information.
Born on 1331
Abu Muqri Mohammed al-Battiwi was an astronomer. Click here for more information.