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Born on 1122 Died on 1213
'Muhad̲h̲d̲h̲ib al-Dīn Abu ’l-Hasan ʿAlī B. Aḥmad, a physician, born in Bag̲h̲dād 515 (1122), studied grammar and fiḳh at the Niẓāmīya but later turned to medicine. He became court physician to the S̲h̲āh-i Arman at Ḵh̲ilāṭ and there amassed great riches; he next entered the service of Badr al-Dīn L...
Born on 1074 Died on 1100
Ibn Jazla was born of Christian parents at Baghdad in 1074 and converted later to Islam. His dispositio corporum de constittutione hominis, Tacuin agritudinum, as the name implies, was translated into Latin. There is a story which says that he was the physicist for Charlemagne and that he wrote his...
Born on 01 Sep, 1145 Died on 1217
Geographer, traveller, and poet. Known for his detailed travel journals.
Muslim Abu Ahmad al-Husayn b. Ishak Ibn Karnib, a mutakallim (a scholar of the study of Kalam or Islamic scholastic theology) interested in natural philosophy (Fihrist, 263). Click here for more information.