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Al-Husayn ibn Sa'id ibn Hammad ibn Mihran al‑Ahwazi (epithet Abu Muhammad) was originally from al-Kufah but he moved with his brother al-Hasan ibn Sa'id to al‑Ahwaz and thus he became popular by the city's name (i.e. al‑Ahwazi). (His brother) al-Hasan was known by the nickname “Dandan...
Born on 1533 Died on 1610
In Muslim Africa, several women excelled in various fields. Among them, Queen Amina of Zaria (1588-1589). She was the eldest daughter of Bakwa Turunku, who founded the Zazzau Kingdom in 1536. Amina came to power between 1588 and 1589. Amina is generally remembered for her fierce military exploits. O...
Died on 1265
Athīr al‐Dīn al‐Mufaḍḍal ibn ʿUmar ibn al‐Mufaḍḍal al‐Samarqandī al‐Abharī was a philosopher, astronomer, astrologer and mathematician. Other than his influential writings, he had many famous disciples.
Born on 25 Jun, 1936
Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie was President of Indonesia from 1998 to 1999. His presidency was the third, and the shortest, after independence.