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Al-Dimishqi was an economist who flourished in Damascus and other places in Syria. He composed the Kitab al-Ishara ila Mahasin al-Tijara wa Matrifa al-Jayyid al-Atrad wa Radiha wa Ghushush al-Mudallisin Fiha or Book Explaining the Benefits of Commerce and the Knowledge of Good and Bad Qualities [of...
Born on 1213
In addition to his own astronomical accomplishments, Ibn al‐Hāʾim provides important historical information on earlier astronomers in al‐Andalus.    Click here for more information.
Born on 979 Died on 29 May, 1035
Ibn al-Samh was born in Cordoba (979) and died in Granada (1035). He grew up in a learned milieu: he was a disciple of Maslama of Madrid (d. 1007), and became a prominent astronomer and mathematician in his school, one of the most important centres for the study of the exact sciences in al-Andalus....
Born on 1106 Died on 1176
Ibn Asakir distinguished himself with his great History of Damascus: Tarikh Dimashq. He lived in Damascus and taught tradition at the Ummayad Mosque. For more detail click here.