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Born on 1286 Died on 1349
Muḥammad ibn Ibrāhīm ibn al-Akfani, is mostly remembered by Arabic bibliographers as a physician and an encyclopedic mind. He was born in 1286 in the city of Sinjār (present-day northern Iraq) and spent most of his life in Cairo, where he worked in the 13th-century Al-Mansuri Hospital and died a vic...
Born on 29 Dec, 1256 Died on 31 Jul, 1321
Ibn al-Banna, whose full name was Abu 'l-Abbas Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Uthman al-Azdi, was born in 1256 in Marrakech. There is a claim that Ibn al-Banna was born in Grenada in Spain and moved to North Africa for his education. What is certain is that he spent most of his life in Morocco. This confusi...
Born on 1197 Died on 1248
Ibn al-Baytar was born in Malaga and studied in Seville, where he collected plants with his teachers. Ibn-al-Baytar travelled in Spain and North Africa as an herbalist, and later lived in Cairo as Chief Herbalist. From Egypt he travelled extensively through Syria and Asia Minor, and died in Damascus...
Born on 1312 Died on 1359
Ibn al-Durayhim was a noted 14th Century Sunni scholar, merchant, and official. Click here for more information.